A Politician

An Elected Official,  Nominated by the Parties. Then they Debate at any Level including State and Local. Election time comes, and We the Citizens go out and Vote by Party. The Problem now begins.They are no Longer a Party Member. They Represent us the People whether or not we Voted for that Official.Most Oaths they take are to uphold the Constitution, to serve and protect, and do what is in the best Interest, of Their Communities, for all the People.By accomplishing that you are no longer Affiliated to a Party.By not Accomplishing that You do not get Re-elected.In short, I believe in Term Limits. The Two Party System Has Failed Us All for over many years.Let’s go with the Popular vote.The person who shows us Strength,  Integrity, and a Great Instinct from the smallest Community to all 4 directions of this Country.The North, South, East, and West.

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