The Final Countdown

Let me speak the Truth. I still see a lot of Love, but a lot Hate. This has become a Socialist State.The Trojan Horse has been brought to our own Land and opened like a can of Worms.While so many worries about our next meal, We are tasting the Bloodshed happening in our own Backyards.We are being held back like Refugees in our own Land.Remember this Land was made for you and me.If, the worse happens the Kingdoms of the2% in this country will be overrun also.The Constitution needs to be restored back to its Originality.Especially the 28th.Or Love it, or Leave it.Bring it back to the Good old U.S.A., With Old Glory Flying High.Our way or the Highway, drain the Swamp.Too many Tears fill it with Bloodshed.

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