Living High

Living High Don’t cry, All man wants to do is provide, you decide. Sometimes it’s better to leave the past behind.Sometimes you have to learn, it’s your turn, to be single and free.When water puts out the Fire, Many may call us Liars, while sitting by the Fire.Don’t fear the Smoke will Clear.That’s when friends begin to Inquirer, then they wind up in that ring of fire, because of the crossfire.I have walked on that high wire when things have gone haywire. most of us will fall into that Circle of Fire, but there’s no need to perspire. There is 20 years I tried to inspire, The Young and the old that now, I admire. While others have now expired, stuck in their own little Quagmire.Now that I’m retired, there is some thought, I would expire.My heart once again was set on fire.So now we’re trying to make things simpler and finer. I guess I won’t live in North or South Carolina. Most likely I will stay near a Campfire. Upstate where the stars shine brighter, you can’t get much higher.Living with the flame I so do admire.She knows I want to become a writer so I can go on to continue to inspire. For now, We are doing what we desire.

Now I’m trying to get back on that high wire.If there’s another fall you know I may have expired. All along doing what I desire.The who what when, and where will be shared If you inquire.So just light up the night with, A campfire for when I part.You all can watch the Stars and Sparks and it shall warm everyone’s heart for nights, under the moonlight, but now it’s time to say goodbye

or good night.Maybe just maybe, Angels will catch me as I’m Falling.Once again friends will come calling.