A Prophecy

 These following words were written in the year 1955.I Believe, by Billy Graham I may be wrong, but it seems very prophetic here now in the year 2017. In view of what has transpired over the last 50 years.In Government. I would like to share these words with you. You should not be distressed over the coming of a third world war involving America. The greatest danger lies not outside our borders but within them. The greatest enemies of democracy are to be found lurking Within the offices of authority in our Beloved Country.Let your prayer be not, that enemies of other lands don’t attack and destroy our freedom and happiness. rather pray that our constitutional rights and privileges will not be undermined, and destroyed. By the Very ones that we entrusted to preserve them for us here in our own the blessed United States of America.These are words that were Rewritten and published in the Paterson evening news in 1974, by my Grandmother and the article was saved.Let me add after 50 some odd years.The same held true in our country, at the higher levels of Education after World War2.Secondly, the Generations before us came here as immigrants and stole the Land from the Native American Indian.By the way, I am part Iroquois, and so I’ve been told.Now our Country is being taken from us again, and the future Generations.Someone has to stand tall again, and take the Lead.Neither party is to blame.We call ourselves Christians, yet I see a country divided.Lastly, Billy Graham’s son Franklin, may not have supported Trump but spoke for Trump.He Believes he was elected because of God.So if you want to laugh and not Believe you will never Achieve.