“ Angels with Wings” Angels with wings,can’t you hear them sing

“ Angels with Wings” Angels with wings,can’t you hear them sing. Open your heart, Don’t fall apart. Open your Mind you need to unwind. Nature is calling, Angels will catch you as your falling. Do not feel lost, tied and bound you will be found. There is no cost,Just listen to the sounds. Be with nature and enjoy it’s creature’s. They come in all shapes and sizes with beautiful features. Keep an open heart and a open mind . If You feel broken hearted it’s time to get jump started. The Morning Doves Coo,as Red Robins are Bobbin. Listen to the Blue Jays Whisper,and the Cardinals come Calling. Natures Angels will catch you Falling. Set the Butterflies Free, here or there We are here to stay,just think and pray. Never be lonely but always at Peace. For He is watching day ,night ,and morning. Let’s all make this a simpler journey. You are never too young ,never too old. Just Open your eyes and see the signs. It’s time to shine. A Time to Forgive, Time to believe. When you no longer grieve, you will begin to Achieve. Choose a Path,Paved or Patched . Angels will catch when you are Falling.